Wednesday 30 May 2012

buttons aborad: journey to tauranga

Continued from last week....

The following morning we awoke to a down pour. On the bright side we were to make our journey to Tauranga which is where we had our work placement and where we spend the majority of our time in NZ. 

We decided to travel with the intercity bus company. We bought a pass for travel for a certain number of hours. This pass allowed you to travel on any journey by intercity buses and also the interislander ferry. The number of hours for the journey would get taken off. It was also possible to top up the number of hours. I would definitely recommend this pass as its more cost effective the buying individual journeys. 

We arrived in tauranga late afternoon. The rain was still going we took a taxi straight to our accommodation. I can't say I was impressed with the accommodation. It was basically a like a dorm. Along corridor with around 20 rooms with a unisex bathroom and lounge and kitchen to share. But it was cheap and a place to sleep.

I couldn't believe we were finally here after months of planing. I was excited to get outside and explore :) (and kinda nervous about starting work!) 

Sita xoxo


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