Saturday 17 November 2012

tweed and glasses

Outfit Details 
Dress: Rare London 
Jacket: Warehouse 
Shirt: New Look 
Tights: Warehouse 
Shoes: Nine West from Debenhams 
Bag: Fiorelli from TK Maxx 
Glasses: Firmoo

I have been wearing glasses for over ten years now. However on a daily basis I wear contact lens. Recently though my eyes have been getting quite dry from wearing contacts for long hours at work, and I had been wanting to go to the opticians to get a new pair of professional looking glasses. So when Firmoo approached us offering to send a free pair of glasses, it was perfect timing. Radha was nice enough to let me get a pair, as she wears glasses on a regular basis and has a number of frames. 

When choosing my pair, I instantly went straight to the pick by size option and, no prizes for guessing I chose for small. I have a small face, and although at 25 years of age I hate to admit this but many a times I end up buying glasses from the kids section at the opticians! I wasn't too keen on any of the small frames so veered out to the medium section. 

I opted for a pair of rimless glasses, because firstly I have always wanted to to try out rimless glasses, secondly I thought the glasses would weigh less overall without the frames, and I hate having something too heavy on my face. 

When  I received my parcel I was pleasantly surprised, because honestly speaking having seen the prices on the website I wasn't really sure what to expect in terms of the quality. The glasses were packaged nicely, they had included a cleaning case, a hard case and a soft case, as well as a little tool kit. I don't think this pair particularly suit me but that's my bad with the choice. 

I wanted to have a chance to test them out properly before doing this post, and so I have worn them everyday since I received them, for the past ten days and here are my opinions:

The good things:
  1. The price. In comparison to a high street optician, where the cost can add up to £100s of pounds, the prices are definitely value for money.
  2. Quality. I was surprised with the quality and comfortability of the glasses. 
  3. Delivered to your doorstep. Similar to ordering any item on line you can choose with the click of your mouse and get it delivered to your doorstep without having to step outside, making multiple visits to the optician to choose your frames and collect them. 
  4. Good customer service. I experienced no difficulties with my order. I placed my order on the 25th of October and it arrived on the 7th of November. 
  5. Virtual try on application. I think it's great that they provide the virtual try function, to get an idea of what the frames look like on you. 

The not so good things:
  1. As with ordering any item from a website rather than going in store, you are unable to try on the glasses and see how they look and feel. The virtual try on is just not as good as the real thing. 
  2. My prescription is quite high so I like to get my lens thinned and I did not see this option being offered on there web site.
  3. The lack of optician service. When you buy from an optician they fit the frames to your face and adjust them for you for comfort. 
  4. Lack of range of small frames, for people like myself with small faces. 

Overall with the prices your really can't go wrong! Firmoo currently have an amazing offer, where you get your first pair of glasses for free, all you need to do is pay the shipping cost. For more information click here

If you don't wear glasses then they have options for non-prescription glasses also. They have variety of options for Nerd glasses which will make a great accessory for a geek chic look. 

Sita xoxo

Disclaimer: These glasses were provided for free. However all opinions are my own. 


  1. love the jacket!!!! Nice glasses!!!

  2. You are looking great. I love this bag :)
    Firmoo glasses are so famous. I would love to have one :)


    1. Aree you can get your own free pair by clicking on the link in the post. You just have to pay shipping.

  3. You've written great review!
    I also have glasses from Firmoo and I like them.
    These glasses are suit to you so much!
    Such a beautiful girl!

  4. Love the jacket..:)Great blog!Following you immediately sweatie..:)Follow me back?:P



  5. Nice nice nice look! Love the jacket! And the last photo is really funny!

  6. Love the jacket and the glasses suit your face, xoxo.

  7. I look forward to my glasses firmoo:)

  8. love this preppy look so much, especially the jacket!

  9. Your outfit is so cute! Glad to have found your blog <3

    Colour Me Classic

  10. cute jumper!! yays for being able to see. I feel the same without my glasses, haha. :)


    1. Haha! I'm really gratful to the person who invented glasses!

  11. love the look! and the last photo is cool :)

  12. The jacket looks so beautiful and sophisticated on you! And Firmoo sounds like a great option... if I ever have to wear glasses I'll definitely consider them!

    Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  13. the jacket is so classy. love it
    xo sabbi

  14. Cool pictures and the jacket is fab!

  15. great post ;)love the jacket!!!

  16. Great look!Love the dress!

  17. Love ur jacket and ur bag! Great post :D

    p.s. Don't forget to check out my Maison Martin Margiela with H&M GIVEAWAY ^^

  18. OMG, That is the best tweed jacket I've seen in a long time. Also those glasses look great on you! :D
    Fab shoes btw.


  19. your outfit is so lovely!!!love it!thank you so much for your comment dear!!!

  20. This is a cute student look!!! Love the tweed blazer!

  21. love the jacket! :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win some xmas goodies from lush! click here!

  22. Super cute, I love both your jacket and your bag!

  23. i LOVE this tweed jacket!! was actually yesterday shopping for one as well ;) glasses look great on you x

    1. Thank you . I got this one a few years ago. Hope you find one :) xx

  24. Thank you! Hope you had a great weekend to!

  25. those tights and the bag are so cute!!

  26. i love tweed:) urs is awesome :)
    looking great :)

  27. Love the look, Tweed is such a rising trend! You look great..

    -London Young



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