Monday 29 April 2013

holland & barrett lavender essential oil: review

Yesterday we started a series of posts reviewing items we received in a box from Holland and Barrett to promote a good night's sleep.

Today we're on step three, which is the Holland & Barrett Lavender Essential Oil. If you missed step one and two you can go back and read those first.

The Claims
"Sweet and floral with a medium strength initial aroma, this soothing essential oil has been found to be very beneficial for supporting relaxation. The art of aromatherapy can be traced back to the great ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece and Rome where essential oils were valued for their many uses. Aromatherapy oils may be used singly or mixed together to create your own blends."

The Reality
This is a good quality essential oil. Lavender is known for its relaxation properties. I like putting a few drops on my pillow to help me drift off to sleep. Lavender has quite a distinctive scent so if you don't like it then this may not be for you.

As this is an essential oil it can be also used for aromatherapy purposes such as for massages and used to cleanse and moisturised  Although if you are going to use essential oils please be safe and do your reading and research before hand. Also don't put essential oils directly on to the skin always use a carrier oil to mix the essential oil with before applying. 

The Ultimate Question: Would I Repurchase?

The Overall Score: 4.5/5

Sita & Radha xoxo


  1. I love Lavender always Good review dear :)

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    FashionEvELand | FEEL

  3. Great review, might just purchase this. I nominated you ladies for a blog award, xoxo.

  4. The lavender oil sounds good. Thank you for sharing

  5. I love your blog so! Thanx for your comment, shall we follow? let me know XSE

  6. Great review, I will really consider it!

    - J

  7. I really don't like the smell of lavender, sadly, because I know how relaxing it is..
    great review :)

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  9. lavender oil is the best sensual massage oil, Message is the best therapy for stress relief and to alleviate sore muscles. It is also a excellent way to keep your skin healthy and young.

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