Sunday 11 March 2012

gerbera daisies

Last week, a friend and I were randomly talking about flowers and I was trying to describe my favourite flower to him. The conversation went something like...they're hot pink and look really pretty (very descriptive...I know!) but I don't know what they are called! To my surprise for my birthday he had managed to find the right flower :) I then spent ages trying to google "pink flower" to find out the name..and after ages of searching I now finally know they are called gerbera daisies..success! :) 


The reason why I love these flowers are because they are so bright and vibrant. They remind me of summertime. 

I thought I would also share this picture of a beautiful card I received with a cute little dress design. 

I hope you are having a lovely sunday and I would love to hear what your favourite flower is? :) 

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