Wednesday 28 March 2012

internet issues and century old computers

So I come back to my place on Sunday and my internet dongle has been playing up and not working properly, hence i've not been able to use the internet and make blog posts!

Today I thought I should stop being lazy and come to the library, seeing as it's only a 10 minute walk from me! However the computers are centuries old and it literally takes 10 years to do anything and the broswer doesn't let me access most websites properly as it's very outdated. 

This just got me thinking about a time when the internet was not so accessible! I remember getting our first home computer around 12 years ago now, and being so excited because back then it wasn't so mainstream to have a computer. I use to love playing pacman on it! Also I was so excited about using simple programs like word to type out reports and essays instead of actually handwriting everything. I also remember when we first got internet, it was dial up and it was such a new and interesting concept. I think i'm making myself sound old so I will stop talking! Now i'm so use to have internet access and googling something when I want to search for anything!


  1. I remember the time when I got my interest in computers I was 12 years old I guess but mostly use computer for games and internet. Thank you for refreshing old memories with us

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