Sunday 6 May 2012

sunshine award and sisterly discord

Hi guys! Hope your having a good weekend! We're really happy to announce that we were nominated for the sunshine award :) This is our first award and it really means so much to us! A big thank you to Demi at Beauty and the Mist for nominating us. Demi has a really wonderful blog, with great makeup tutorials, and she makes some wonderful handcrafted jewellery. So please go check out her blog if you haven't done so already! 

There doesn't seem to be any hard and fast rules about the number of facts or the number of people to nominate so here goes..

Random Facts About Us:
Sita hates onions 
Radha's room tends to always look like a bomb exploded in it!
Neither Sita or Radha drink coffee or tea 
Sita is a bit of an insomniac night owl 
Sita was a tomboy all the way through secondary school (high school)
Radha loves mint choc chip icecream 
Radha would love to visit the moon 

The Bloggers We Nominate: 

Yesterday in our get to know me tag  and in this post we have overloaded you with random useless facts about ourselves. So this week for sisterly discord instead of asking a question we would like to know one random fact about you! so over to you guys...

Sita and Radha xoxo 


  1. this inspires me to do a post like this!
    now following u!
    can't wait to see you on my blog again!

    1. Thank you and it's nice to know that we have inspired you :) xx

  2. Thank you so much Radha and Sita for conferring this beautiful award to me and my blog ! You have been so kind !
    Also thanks for tagging me! I will try to state some random facts about me here- Well , if you want to know about me, it is already written there in my blog profile but still here it goes -
    I love life, love to enjoy the moments of life.
    I am married to a wonderful man. It has been 4 beautiful years of togetherness.
    I turned 34 this January,
    I was a PhD scholar but now I am a homemaker engaged in creative activities,
    I do photography, painting and embroidery in my leisure time,
    I love to write poetry,
    I love reading a lot,
    I also love the ' Tick Tock vintage ' blog like you !
    I love nature, nature attracts me and inspires me !
    Meditation and Yoga are a part of my life, it keeps me grounded!
    I love to watch movies!
    I love the Travel and Living Channel,
    I am from India
    I am a very creative person
    Above everything else, I value peace of mind .
    I hope you got to know about me a bit !
    Have a beautiful day !

    1. Thank you for sharing :) It's always interesting to get to know a bit more about a person. Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

  3. I hate onions too but i love coffee!! Thanks for nominating me! I am really honored girls!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. Haha I love the smell of coffee but I can't drink it, can't stomach the taste!

  4. Hello!!! very beautiful blog.
    I follow you now.
    This is my blog
    Bye bye ;-)

  5. congrats....Radha and Sita....

    1. Thank you Puja! Congrats to you to and good luck with your first birthday bash! Hope it works out for you :)

  6. Congrats to your nice blog!!You are very pretty!
    I'm waiting for you with a new interesting post!!

  7. Love the blog's you linked !
    I discovered very nice blogs are your !


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