Thursday 7 March 2013

nair wax strips review

When it comes to removing hair from my legs, my preference is waxing. I use to go to a salon to get my legs waxed, however it can be a bit pricey. Especially during the winter months when I don't even have my legs on show, so I started waxing my legs at home. I still go to the salon prior to a holiday or before a special event, however for the times in between I use wax strips. 

I really wanted to share the Nair wax strips with you guys, I usually get them from the 99p store for you guessed it 99p. I was using the Veet Wax strips before I came across these Nair ones and have been using them ever since, around 2 years now.

I find that they work just as well as the Veet strips but are like a fifth of the price. Currently the Veet strips are retailing for £6.79 in Boots.  That  works out to 34p per strip compared to 6.2p per strip for the Nair ones. 

Nair do not provide the finishing wipes you get with Veet to use after waxing, but I usually use aloe vera gel anyway. 

The Veet strips also come with a easy-grip flap to make them easier to use, and I think that it does make a difference, however not significantly enough for me to spend an extra fiver on them.

Have you tried this or any other products from Nair? What are your thoughts?

Sita xoxo


  1. Ive never had my legs waxed. I can't let my hair grown long enough to try!
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  2. i love these wax stips, i always use them :)

  3. Nice review, I hate waxing my legs lol but no pain, no gain, xoxo.

  4. Nice Review I hav't usd any :)


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