Wednesday 8 January 2014

project pan/ makeout 2014

Hi Guys! 

For 2014 I have decided to do my own version of a project pan/makeout 2014.

Instead of pick a specific number of items to finish I have decided to finish up as many items as I can, In order to help me to completely transition to cruelty-free, low toxin and vegetarian products! 

The way I will be keeping myself motivated is to add a monetary value to each item which I get to put in a treat fund for myself. 

For each Item I use up I will get a specific amount to add to my Treat Fund as follows: 

Bodycare/Skincare Sample: £1
Skincare Product: £2
Haircare/Perfumes/Body Sprays/Makeup Sample: £3
Makeup Products/Nail Products: £4

There will be an additional bonus of being allowed to double my total already in the fund if I use up 100 items, and then double again if I reach 200 items.  

I have at present been on a no buy and allowed to only repurchase products I have finished up completely and needs replacing which I will still able to do. 

However I am also allowing myself 12 treats throughout the year, so that I am not completely restricting myself. 

Are you doing a project pan or Makeout 2014? If so what are your rules?

Sita xoxo 


  1. Oh my! lots here, beautiful post...

  2. This is a fab idea, I'm actually limiting myself to one treat a month too, xoxo.

  3. Great idea <3

  4. I don't have enough will-power for extended no-buys. I am trying to consider my purchases more instead of just buying everything that is on sale. I was really tempted earlier this week by some really good deals on Laura Geller products, but I resisted. :-) I can't wait to see how your project pan/makeup 2014 progresses.

  5. You have lots of items to get though, i am quite well disciplined at not buying a product till I've finished my old one.


  6. You should have seen how big my eyes were upon seeing that picture. Hahaha! I don't have a solid plan but I am considering buying a makeup item every other week. ;)


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