Monday 19 March 2012

birmingham haul

Hope your having a lovely start to the week...this morning I woke up and the sky was blue and the sun was shining which put me in a good mood :) 
(it's just unfortunate that it wasn't sunny over the weekend...but hey ho!) 

These are the few bits I bought from my trip to Birmingham over the weekend. 

Dress from Primark: £13

I thought this dress was pretty for spring/summer. But I'm really unsure about it because I don't usually go for pale colours, I prefer brighter colours! Not sure if it will suit me so I'm going to mull it over, maybe try a few different looks with it...see if I like it. 

 Top from Primark: £6

I thought this top was quite cute, and I liked the collar in particularly. I love the colour and it'll add a pop of colour to an outfit. I think it will be nice to wear at work tucked under a skirt. 

Earrings from Primark: £2

I thought these earrings were really cute :) I wear studs on a daily basis to work and these were a bargain for 9 pairs for only two pounds! I think the mint green hearts and the yellow flowers will match nicely with the dress I bought and the pink flowers will match nicely with the top! 

Bargain of the day: Dress from Miss Selfridge : £7

I spotted this dress in the sale's section of miss selfridge, with no tags. But it was in my size so I asked the sales assistant to check the price and it was only seven pounds!!! I bought it right away! 


  1. Hi, randomly found your blog!
    I really like the first dress, its perfect for spring!
    Following you :)


  2. I love your dresses!! can't wait to see you style them and feature them here.

    Just came by to say hi and follow you back :)


  3. Love the haul! Especially the earrings and dress from Miss Selfridge. Dapper.

    Hope to keep seeing more of you. :)

    Being Vera Blog.

  4. Nice purchases... I like the dress!


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