Sunday 29 April 2012

sisterly discord

Hey Guys!

It's Saturday again already! Another week flew by.

This week the question is...

What is your favourite shoe?
Shoes by radha-m featuring tailored shoes

Sita: I would like to say heels, but although they look nice and I admire them, I prefer flats. They're more comfy and easier for me to walk in, I find heels difficult to walk in, so tend to only wear them for special occasions. Day to day I live in flat. I especially love brogues..brogues would be my favourite shoe!

Radha: I too prefer flats to heels. I can barely stand in heels let alone walk! I love brogues as they are very cool and great for work. I also love flat or low heel boots and ballet pumps but my all time favourite shoes are my sneakers. They are soo comfortable! I once had a pair of shoes that were a cross between brogues and sneakers. They looked like brogues but had sneaker soles. I got them from River Island for £10 in the sales and wore them out until the soles got holes. It was a sad day when I had to chuck them out =(

Now it's your turn! What's your favourite shoes? 

P.S if you have any question suggestions then feel free to leave them below or email :) 

sita and radha xoxo

Friday 27 April 2012

fuchsia friday

Hey guys!

Friday at last! But it's been gloomy and raining all day. To cheer myself up I decided to wear my new stripy jumper I ordered from Dorothy Perkins' sale (see top 11 sale picks). Dorothy Perkins have currently got an extra 10% on sale items. 
Jumper: Dorothy Perkins
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: New Look 

I love the combination of the bright fuchsia and coral stripy jumper. Great for a dull day! It's also got great detail of three gold buttons on both shoulders.

Still getting to grips with the timer on the camera, the flash blinds me every time! Hopefully next post will have better pictures.

Have a great weekend =)

Radha xoxo 

Thursday 26 April 2012

purple, prints and peter pan collars

Hey Guys!

Hope you've had a good week. Thank god the weekend is round the corner. Although hope the weather is better- it's been raining all week in the UK. Anyway I thought I'd share one of my favourite outfits that I wore today. Apologies for the photo, it's my first time using the timer setting on the camera. 

top: ASDA
skirt: ASDA
tights: Next
brogues: Urban Outfitters

I love the print on the skirt- tribal prints are in this season and I love this Aztec print. The purple running though it goes well with the top, which makes the outfit smart enough for work. Especially with the brogues. I wish I bought them in more colours- they are so comfy even when I'm on my feet all day! 

I hope your well and the weather's better where you are. Speak to you soon.

Radha xoxo

Tuesday 24 April 2012

buttons abroad: new series introduction and holiday planing

Hey guys! I'm super excited because I got my annual leave approved yesterday! So now it's time to plan a holiday :) It's only for a week so somewhere in Europe would be ideal I reckon and somewhere has to be somewhere hot! Time to get searching for a destination!

I can't believe it's been a year since I was last abroad. This time last year I was travelling around New Zealand. Last night, I was reminiscing, looking back at the pictures...occasionally thinking is that really me, did I really do that..or was it just a dream!

I thought it would be fun to share some of my travel experiences and pictures with you so Tuesdays are now officially turning into travel Tuesdays here at buttons apart :)

I also stopped off somewhere else on my trip. I'll leave you to guess where from the picture above.

So if you're interested in hearing about my adventure be sure to check back next Tuesday.

In the meantime what are your suggestions for a holiday destination?

Sita xoxo

Saturday 21 April 2012

sisterly discord

Hey guys!

It's Saturday so that means time for another question. This week the question is.....

What's your favourite colour?

Radha: Hmm that's quite hard to pick just one but I think I'd have to go for orange. I love bright colours and orange has always been a favourite. I even had bright orange trainers as a kid! Below are some items in orange from Urban Outfitters that I am loving at the moment.

Urban Outfitters £80
Vintage Re-Made Overdyed Turn-Up Shorts
Urban Outfitters £35
Sparkle & Fade Stitch Jumper
Urban Outfitters £25

Sita: My colour of the moment is coral. My all time favourite colour has to be bright pink (fuschia). Initially it was a baby pink. One of the walls in my bedroom at my parent's house is painted bright pink! Some of my pink pick's below. 

H&M £7.99
Urban Outfitters £9
Cambridge Satchel Company £105 

Now it's your turn! What's your favourite colour? 

P.S if you have any question suggestions then feel free to leave them below :) 

Sita & Radha xoxo

Wednesday 18 April 2012

green checks, bug eyes and in search of a rainbow

Hi guys! Yesterday it rained all day but finally around 6ish the clouds opened up and let some sunshine through, although it still remained very chilly.

I decided to go for an evening walk to the park to try and find a rainbow. In the hope that there would be a pot of gold at the end if i followed it! :) 

Unfortunately I didn't find a rainbow..sad i know! but I did find some colourful pretty flowers. Not quite the same...but hey ho!

My dress is from River Island and I was intitially drawn to it because of the colour and print. I like the design of the dress and how it gives the elusion of a hourglass shaped figure.

I paired it with a plain black t-shirt and some black leggings, seeing as the dress itself is quite busy and colourful.

I also wore a thick black coat because even thou the sun was out it was quite cold! and I wore my favourite boots from urban outfitters (this time in black)

I look like a bug with my big sunglasses! I remember reading somewhere that big sunglasses are better to wear because they cover up and protect more of the eye area from the sun. Thus preventing I don't particularly mind that I look like a bug! I don't know if anyone else has read that anywhere?

I actually won these sunglasses from bourjois together with a lipgloss, when I randomly entered a competition on their website :)

What I wore :

Coat: Topshop
Dress: River island
T-shirt: Vera Moda
Leggings: Gap
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Bourjois

Squirrel running across the path!

What do you think of the dress?

Sita xoxo

Tuesday 17 April 2012

tea dress, purple tights and old brogues

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

This is the outfit I wore to work yesterday.

What I wore:

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Brogues: River Island
Earrings: Dorothy Perkins

I bought this printed tea dress from Dorothy Perkin's a few years ago and ever since it has been one of my most reached for dresses, especially for work. It's really comfortable to wear, washes well and keeps its shape. I love that I can wear it through out the year, by adding/removing cardigans and pairing it with tights.

I also like how it's quite girly, with the frills at the sleeves, and the cute little cutout detail, but at the same time it's quite smart. I have to dress relatively smart for work (not so smart that i need to wear a suit). I personally think the dress meets the dress code, the length is long enough, and I paired it with a plain black vest top underneath so that I'm not over exposing myself!

I've worn some purple tights to match the purple in the print. I love wearing bright tights to add a pop of colour to an outfit. I think it can add some personality to a work outfit. I'm certainly known for my funky tights.


I love these brogues, they are so comfortable, and because my job involves being on my feet for the majority of the day, I prefer to wear shoes that I can walk around in easily. I think I have over worn this pair! They're a bit tatty but  soo comfy I don't want to throw them away!

I hope you guys are well. see you soon :)

Sita xoxo

Monday 16 April 2012

Saturday 14 April 2012

sisterly discord

Hi guys! Hope your enjoying the weekend!

Sisterly discord is our new series we're starting. Each week both of us will answer a question and give you our opinion! We hope you will join in aswell :) We'll be posting every Saturday so make sure you look out for it!

If you have any question's you want us to answer leave them in the comments below, or email us on

So let's get started with this weeks question! 

Chocolate: white, milk or dark?

Friday 13 April 2012

my favourite dress

Hey Guys!

Yay it's the end of the week! I thought I'd share a picture of my favourite dress as mentioned in my interview. I absolutely love this dress as it's smart and unusual print, plus it was a bargain at only £8! 

Dress: T K Maxx
Jacket: Warehouse
Necklace: gift
Tights: House of Fraser
Nails: Nails Inc Electric Teal

I'd love to know what's your favourite dress and why.

Have a good weekend.

radha xoxo

Thursday 12 April 2012

red dress

I really love the show New Girl with Zooey Deschanal. Do any of guys watch it? Well ever since watching the very first episode, I fell in love with the red three-quarter length sleeve skater dress Jess (Zooey) was wearing in the opening credits.  

I was on the prowl for something similar from the moment I saw it! I spotted this one in the January sales at Dorothy Perkins, for only £10 and had to snap it up! It's not got a skater bottom, but I'm glad I went for it because the length is long enough to wear for work. So i'm getting more wear out of it! 

Dress: Dorothy Perkins 
Tights: TK Maxx
Shoes: Urban Outfitters 

I really love Jess's style on the show. What do you guys think of the show and Jess's style?

Sita xoxo 

Wednesday 11 April 2012

bargain buttons

Hi guys! Hope your well :)  

Just a quick post to let you know about this body lotion I picked up whilst grocery shopping in Tesco. It's the Nivea pure and natural body lotion for normal to dry skin. I picked it up for only 74p!!!

Monday 9 April 2012

an interview with sita

Hey guys!  I hope your having a good bank holiday weekend, or a good Monday morning if you don't have bank holiday where you live . I thought that I would answer the same eleven questions as Radha! 

1. Bags or shoes? 
    Hmm I would have to say shoes! 

2. Bath or shower?
    Definitely showers! 

3. What's your go to outfit?
    Casual: a grey skirt I have from h&m with     
    leggings, a t-shirt and my favourite boots 
    Dressed up: A printed floral tea dress in black 
    and white that I have had for years from dorothy   
    perkins - it's the equivalent to my LBD! 

Sunday 8 April 2012

an interview with radha

Hi I'm Radha. Here's 11 random questions to help you get to know me better.

1. Bags or shoes? 
   Umm that's a hard one, but I think I'll have to go for 
   bags although I do love a good brogue.

2. Bath or shower?
    Shower, although I love a long soak to relax. I'm 
    really missing taking a shower as I currently only   
    have a bath.

3. What's your go to outfit?
   I have this abstract print dress that I picked up from T K Maxx in the sale 
   for only £8. It's amazingly flattering - even if I've put on some weight! I've 
   wore it for interviews, weddings and general day-to-day. I can't go wrong 
   with dress, black tights and a smart jacket.

new beginnings

Hello everyone! Its been one month since i've been blogging. I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your love and support. It means so much to me as it's something I love doing and want to continue with. 

You may have noticed that the blog looks a tiny little bit different..a new layout, a new name and also a new contributor!!! maybe a lot different! 

I would like you all to welcome my sister, radha, she will be posting regularly and this blog will be something we do together. This doesn't mean I won't be posting as often, it just means you get to enjoy twice as many posts, new ideas and different viewpoints so yay! 

I hope you like the new changes, let us know what you think and I hope you'll continue to support us!  

sita xoxo

Friday 6 April 2012

swans, swings and frilly things

I hope you guys are having a good day. These are a few pictures from when I went to the park last week, when we had fast forwarded to summer here in the UK. This week we seem to have rewound back to winter! I had optimistically put away my winter coat but had to take it out of my closet again today!  I went to starbucks with one of my friends and I had my usual of peppermint hot chocolate to warm myself up and we sat and chatted for hours! I love having catch ups!  

My favourite boots :) I love them so much I bought them in both brown and black! 

new job, home for easter, my easter bunny!

I started my new job on Wednesday, I was so nervous on Tuesday night, I had butterflies in my tummy and I couldn't get to sleep. I felt as thou it was my first day at school again! Even thou I was very nervous, I still felt excited at the same time. I was looking forward to starting a new challenge. After the first two days I have to say I do like my job and am looking forward to gaining further experience! (my new job is actually within the same organisation, but within another department, so I do already know a few of the people I'm working with, which makes things a bit easier!)

Thursday 5 April 2012

spring clean series: monthly resolutions

This post is a day late, but as they say better late then never! 

Every new years I make a list of resolutions, by February I can never remember them all. So this year I decided to do something different. I decided to focus on one resolution per month. This way I only have one thing to focus on and can spend my time working on that one resolution. Hopefully by the end of the month it's become a part of a routine and I can continue it on as well as adding something new the next month. 

This month I want to tackle my unhealthy eating habits that have developed due to a combination of working long hours and laziness to cook for one. My resolution for this month is to eat more fruit and veg. It's recommended that you eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day. If I'm entirely honest, I doubt that I get to 5 a day. 

Sunday 1 April 2012

spring clean series: career

Whether your applying for your first job or searching for a new job, a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is essential. There is no set format for a CV and everyone has their own opinion. These are some generic things I think you should adhere to.