Sunday 28 October 2012

the little black shoe

The Little Black Shoe
All shoes from BarrattsSandal £50 | Bootie £29.75 | Platform | Pointed Toe £30 | Lace £45 | Midheel £25| Flats £20 | Ankle Strap £12 | Peeptoe £74| Glitter £20
The Christmas party season is almost upon us. Both of us have been on the hunt for some cute party shoes we can rock. As a general rule, if our outfit is quite sparkly and colourful, we like to go for some glamourous classic shoes. However if our outfit is more on the plain side then we would go for some fabulous stand out sparkly, sequined, colourful shoes. This time we're looking for a pair of black shoes to complement our sparkly outfits! 

Whilst looking for some shoe inspiration we came across a competition to win £70 worth of Barratts shoes. So we thought why not have a browse on the site and see what we could find. We found so many amazing options, it was so hard to whittle it down to just to two (one for each of us) options. 

We ended up going off on a tangent and this is what we came up with...The Little Black Shoe! 

Now we have all heard of the little black dress. The dress that fits you like a glove, which always saves the day, whatever event it may be. The dress you can always rely on when you can't find anything to wear. The dress that gives you that extra burst of confidence when you put it on. 

We believe everyone should also own the little black shoe. A fabulous pair of shoes that goes with any outfit. The shoe that is comfortable but stylish. The shoe you never tire of wearing. The shoe that makes you hold your head up high and walk down the street like you own it. 

We understand that everyone has their own preferences and style so we have a variety of options to give you guys some inspiration, anything from platforms to flats and everything else in between. 

To conclude if we win the competition we shall definitely be choosing one each from these options. If we could buy them all we would! We had so much fun creating this post that we have decided to provide you with some more inspiration on how you can glam it up this party season. Be sure to come back next week :) 

If you would like to enter the competition you can find more information here

Which one is your favourite shoe? 

Sita & Radha xoxo 


  1. Great selection!!!!! Love them all!!!!!

  2. I'm in need of a new pair of black heels, I personally love booties though it's getting hotter in Australia so a platform would probably be better for me!


  3. I think my favorite might be the flat or the pointed toe heel but I also really love wedges :)

  4. they are all great, infact u covered all the styles in one collage ! My favorite would be the lace one, coz its really in nowadays ..

  5. I love the lace bootie, but it totally depends on the style of the dress. They would be fab with a mini!!


  6. I love all the choices! Having a good pair of black heels is a must in any fashionable wardrobe!

    The Weekend Diary

  7. I love all and want all :)
    thanks for your comment on my blog.. xoxo

  8. I love all these options! Good Luck with the contest - hope you win! :)
    Nikki at


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