Friday 23 November 2012

orange and grey

Outfit Details
Coat: Tesco
Dress: Uniqlo
Leggings: El Cortes Ingles
Socks: T K Maxx
Boots: H&M
Scarf: H&M (Gifted)

This is the outfit I wore to run some errands at the weekend. I absolutely love the longsleeve stripey dress. It's cosy and comfy so perfect for winter. I teamed it with a grey coat and stipey grey & orange scarf that I dug out from the back of my wardrobe. I wore my hair in a simple messy bun to keep it out my face.

Now a little plea for some help. we are not being allowed to upload any more pictures up to blogger, as we get a message saying that we have reached out photo limit. So if anyone can help us with this and how we can get around it then we shall be very grateful!

Radha & Sita xoxo


  1. Love your boots...And does it happen in blogspot? Now thats a concern. Try reducing the sizes of some already uploaded pictures on the blog. It should help.

  2. Love the boots/socks combo!

    Jess x

  3. So warm outfit. I love the scarf :)


  4. Estas guapisima me encanta el look el abrigo es ideal besos

  5. You might be uploading high-resolution photos on your blog. Each blog is only given a limited amount of disk space. Try reducing the size of the size of the photos.

    Love the gray + orange combination though!

    xx Daphne of

  6. Love the dress!!!

  7. Love that dress! And I didnt even know that could happen! You could upload to photobucket and then copy the links for images to blogger maybe!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  8. Love your coat, it's gorgeous! I think uploading them to Tinypic/Photobucket/Imageshack etc and linking them should work! xo

  9. Nice outfit! I like grey!
    About blogger, it's giving me hard time too. I'm not sure, but maybe you should make the size of the photos smaller.

  10. Nice outfit girl!
    Grey is an amazing colour!
    BTW I love your hair! It is very chic!
    Well done! :)
    Wanna follow each other??

    xo xo

  11. I'm really sorry, I made a mistake!
    My blog is

    Sorry again!

    xo xo

  12. I love the grey orange combo, one of those under-rated ones. I think you carry off this outfit well, love the jacket as well!


  13. Thanks for visiting, I follow you now.

    the combination is ideal.

  14. you look great!

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  15. Very pretty your boots...:)

  16. Really like the scarf...It goes so well with the entire outfit...a pop of colour in this grey weather rocks!

  17. Love the complete ensemble!You pull off gray very well unlike me!


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