Thursday 14 February 2013

urban outfitters haul

Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite places to shop, I absolutely adore the quirkiness. So when I visited Birmingham I couldn't leave without paying Urban Outfitters a visit.

Lace Detailed Shirt £10 
I picked up this gorgeous shirt at an absolute bargain price! It has lace across the front and back and what makes it even more adorable is that the lace is in the shape of roses. If that wasn't enough there is stud detailing on the collar, giving the shirt an edgier twist. I have so many styling ideas for this shirt spinning around in my head, can't wait to get started!

Everything Is Going To Be Okay £8.99 
I mentioned in my new years resolutions post that one of my goals for this year, was to feel more happier and be more positive. One way I was going to do this was start each morning by reading an inspirational quote. Since purchasing this book, I keep it on my bedside table and start the morning by opening it up to a random page. It's such a lovely book, full of inspirational images and encouraging words. I'm so happy with this purchase and I would definitely recommend it!

Sita xoxo 


  1. I Love urban outfitters. I'm doing a giveaway on my blog would love for you to check it out :) It is a stunning shirt from ASOS worth $97.

  2. nice shopping!


  3. That lace detailed shirt is so goooood!

  4. Love the blouse!

  5. pretty top.. would try to grab the book soon
    xo sabbi

  6. wow! would really find that book.. i need more more inspirations!
    btw, what about following each other? just let me know..


  7. I felt in love with the shirt, so pretty!

  8. What a great purchases, love the shirt! And that for just 10 dollars :)

  9. i love urban outfiters! nice blog! follow each other? xo

  10. Love your blouse!! Really cool!



  11. I think I need this book in my life, my NYR was the same as yours!

    Chelsea xx

  12. I love the shirt/blouse it is so gorgeous, i want! ive also wanted to get that book it looks so inspirational!:)

  13. Luv the shirt
    Btw wud u like to follow each other?
    Let me know

  14. wow love lace!! so cool!! so pretty that I want to steal it from you! just kidding x3 but im not kidding about the prettiness xD

    do you want to follow each other?
    visit my blog ^^

  15. i am loving that shirt... i bet u can wear it a load of diff ways! xxx


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