Thursday 21 March 2013

olay essentials complete care multi radiance moisturising lotion for normal/oily skin review

a picture of olay essentials complete care multi radiance moisturising lotion

a picture of olay essentials complete care multi radiance moisturising lotion

a picture of olay essentials complete care multi radiance moisturising lotion

Hey guys!

A while back I told you I was reviewing this product for Savvy Circle. So after using this product daily for a couple of weeks here are my thoughts.

The Claims
Olay Complete Care Multi-Radiance Radiant Glow Day Fluid SPF15 for normal/oily skin has been specially designed to give your skin everything it needs most to be noticeably radiant.

- The Multi-Radiance Complex contains natural light reflecting particles and mandarin extract.
- Skin pampering vitamins (B3, E & Pro Vitamin B5).
- Contains SPF15 broad spectrum protection.

The Reality
Firstly the cream has a nice consistency and subtle smell which is not overpowering  I did notice my skin looking brighter from day one. I also love that it has SPF 15 built in which is great as there is no need for separate protection.

On the downside I did not feel this moisturiser is hydrating enough. I would disagree with the 24 hour moisturisation claim, as I felt that I had to reapply it often through out the day. This may be because the formulation is for normal/oily skin and my skin is dry/sensitive. Olay make a normal/dry version of this product and I suspect that this will work better for me.

The Packaging 
I like the packaging as the pump on top makes it easy to dispense the right amount of product. 

The Price 
Feel Unique: £7.65/75ml
Boots: £7.99/75ml

The Ultimate Question: Would I Repurchase
I would not purchase this particular product however I would consider buying the normal to dry skin version.

Overall Score: 3.5/5

Have you tried the olay essentials complete care multi radiance moisturising lotion ? What are your thoughts? 

Radha xoxo


  1. Thank you for the review. This product is not for me

  2. Olay is actually one of the best brands in the market for value....thanks for sharing!!!


  3. I like Olay

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  4. Thanks so much for the review! I've heard lots about this but never tried it xo

  5. Great beauty tip!!!!


  6. This is a great review! I love olay so I want to try this product!!

  7. i love olay products!!this post is sooo interesting!!thanks for your comment dear!

  8. great review, very interesting! love it!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  9. such a great infos.. Thanks or visiting my blog Sita.. ox
    I've always visits back everyone who stopping by my blog xox


  10. Great products and I need to try it.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Bold in Blue'.


  11. Inspiring!Have a great weekend,babe!

  12. Thanks for the review! That's great that it brightened your skin but too bad it wasn't that moisturizing.

    The Tiny Heart
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  13. I love this review. =^.^=


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