Sunday 28 April 2013

holland & barrett wonder oil: review

a picture of holland & barrett wonder oil
a picture of holland & barrett wonder oil

Last month we shared our first impressions on a Holland & Barrett Beauty Box that was sent to us. After using the products for a month we are going to share our thoughts with you.

The box contained products to promote a good night's sleep. Step one was Wonder Oil.

The Claims
"You will feel its luxurious satin texture on your skin. Wonder Oil is great for hair, skin, massages, cuticles, bath,scalp and as a hot oil treatment.Wonder Oil leaves a rich elegant feel and does a superb job of lubricating and moisturising."

The Reality
Wonder Oil is a good multitasking product which can be used on your face, hair and body. It has a strong citrus smell which is a bit too sickly for Radha but Sita likes it. Scents are so personal aren't they!

We find the product a bit greasy on initial application but after a few minutes it is absorbed into the skin. However, you are still left with that oily sheen. This may be a problem if you have oily skin hence you may wish to avoid the product. But if you have normal/dry skin it works well as a moisturiser.

The Packaging
The packaging could be improved with a pump as we find that it occaisonally leaks and sometimes you end up with too much oil.

The Ultimate Question: Would I Repurchase?
Maybe, it is a good multipurpose product to keep in the cupboard for when your skin/hair is dryer than normal and needs a boost and some extra moisture.

The Overall Score: 4/5

Have you tried Wonder Oil? What are your thoughts?

Radha & Sita xoxo


  1. i like this review.


  2. Thanks for sharing and introducing this great product.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Leather on Leather'.


  3. interesting thoughts (:
    love the way you review.
    short & concise but to the point
    thanks for sharing (:

    xo, shannon

  4. Surprisingly, I liked the scent of this but I'd never use it for hair. Just skin. When it was colder I used this a lot. It's something I'd probably buy again. Great review! :)


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