Friday 26 April 2013

mac eye kohl in smolder: review + swatches

Today I'm reviewing the MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder.

The Claims
"A soft-on pencil liner that lines, defines and shades the eyes with rich colour and a silky-smooth, matte/pearl finish"

The Reality
This Mac Smolder Eye Kohl is a dark intense black liner. It has a lovely soft creamy consistency and  goes on like a treat. Its great for creating smoky looks as it smudges really well and is easy to blend and work with. However as the eyeliner is very soft it is difficult to get a sharp cat eye look.

I am a contact lens wearer so my eye's tend to get watery and unfortunately when I apply this eyeliner on my waterline is smudges a lot. Within two-three hours it has disappeared off my waterline most of it is on my lower eyelid. Panda eyes is certainly not a look I'm a fan off so seeing as i've already bought it I'm going to stick with using it on my upper eyelids.

The eye kohl is non-irritating and has never made me want to scratch my eyes or has never given me red eyes.

The price tag of £14 is rather hefty but it does last a long time. 

The Price 
Mac Cosmetics: £14/1.45g

The Ultimate Question: Would I Repurchase?

The Overall Score: 4/5

Have you tried the Mac Eye Kohl in Smolder ? What are your thoughts?

Sita xoxo


  1. Oh I know that's true contact lens smudges eye liner and usually spoils eye make-up. And I love eye make-up so much that I went under laser eye surgery.

    I love this MAC eye kohl, I love your blog. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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    And please carry on doing this great work.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  2. oh i love reading your reviews! they're so simple but it has the information that we're looking for.. love <3

    would you like to follow each other?

  3. I love MAC products!

  4. Ive heard really good things about the kohl eyelines but I have yet to by one. this color is so rich and so pretty!

    The Preppy Student

  5. I need you this "/


  6. looks good! :)

  7. I would love to try it, too.

    I love your blog, I follow you now, you can follow me back.


  8. From your review I guess is a pretty good product!

  9. I have heard great things about this Kohl Nice Review dear :)

  10. Such a short and crisp review... loved it... <3


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