Wednesday 24 April 2013

sure women crystal clear diamond 48h active anti-perspirant deodorant: review

a picture of sure women crystal clear diamond 48h active anti-perspirant deodorant

a picture of sure women crystal clear diamond 48h active anti-perspirant deodorant

In this post I shall be reviewing the Sure Women Crystal Clear Diamond 48h Active Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. 

The Claims
"Sure Women Crystal Clear Diamond 48h Active antiperspirant contains an anti white mark formula to give you all day long confidence and protection from sweat and odour "

The Reality
Deodorant is one item that is definitely an essential for everyone. Finding the right one can sometimes be a bit tricky especially as you can't try before you buy. Everyone has there own preferences on whether they prefer a roll on, spray etc.

For me personally I prefer spray deodorants, and this Sure one is definitely my favourite deodorant. The most important factor for me with my deodorant is that it keeps me protected and sweat free. This deodorant so far has been the best at doing that. Although the 48 hours claim is a bit grand in my opinion. On cold day I'm usually good for around 24 hours, unless I've been running around a lot then its more like 12 hours. On a warm day it lasts for around 12 hours. 

I personally don't like overpowering scents so like that this Sure deodorant is lightly fragranced. Another important factor for me is to not get white marks all over my clothes and with this deodorant that has never happened.  

I do think that the deodorant is reasonably priced. However I have noticed that the deodorant regular goes on offer for buy 2 for £4 and this is when I usually stock up.

The Packaging
I like the sleek black packaging of this product. 

The Price 
Boots: £3.15/250ml

The Ultimate Question: Would I Repurchase?
Yes definitely!  

The Overall Score: 4.5/5

What's your favourite deodorant? 

Sita xoxo


  1. I want to try it ;)))

  2. I've never tried it, thanks for the review!!

  3. never tried this! I usually use Dove!

  4. We should try it! Thanks for the advice.
    Thanks for your visit!!!

  5. I don't know...


  6. NO conoscevo questo ancora

  7. perfect post sure women *__*

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  8. It sounds like a good product! too bad we don't have it in Greece.

  9. Thats a fantastic review. I saw that item once before but didnt think much of it. I just found your blog and cannot wait to read more. I would love it if you could follow me back. I always comment back! The Preppy Student

  10. Thanks for the review! I need one like this myself :)

  11. People think I'm weird when I say this, but I actually don't use deodorant at all. I definitely have to make an effort to keep very clean, and hand sanitizer seems to work really well, but I hate deodorant.

  12. really nice review !
    if you have time please check out my blog :)

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