Monday 13 May 2013

benefit lemon aid: review

The Claims
"Our soft, lemon yellow cream helps to hide redness and discolouration on your eyelids. In a snap, eyes look refreshed, frisky, and ready for fun. Can be worn with or without eye makeup. Compact includes mirror for freshening up on-the-go. One shade blends to perfection on every complexion!"

The Reality
I bought this product after visiting the benefit counter at a department store to reduce the appearance of redness on my face. Although the product is advertised for eyelids, the technician said it could be used on the face. She applied it on my face mixing with some cream as I have dry skin then applying foundation on top. I thought it looked good so bought it.

Since purchasing it I have used it for almost a year but find it dificult to apply and found it a little cakey. I think it could work well as an eyelid corrector but wouldn't buy it as a concealer.

The Price
Benefit: £16.50/2.7g

The Ultimate Question: Would I Repurchase?

The Overall Score: 2/5

Have you tried Benefit Lemon Aid? What are your opinions about it?

Radha xoxo


  1. i'm yet to try this one and im hearing fr de first tyme...

  2. Lemonade sounded like their answer to Bobbi Brown's correctors (which are so raved about) but after reading your review, I think I'll skip it for now. xx

  3. I feel like a lot of benefit products are like that ultimately - they seem really awesome, and they're marketed well, but then they're not actually that great.

    1. This is the only benefit product I own so can't comment. But I've definitely learnt my lesson about buying a product straight after it's been applied. I now say I want to see how long it lasts and I'll come back to buy it if I like it.

  4. Thanks for the review! :)I was quite skeptical about this concealer xx


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