Tuesday 28 May 2013

going cruelty-free and veggie: products we're purging

So yesterday was the cosmetic inventory and it was truly shocking!

Today we're going to share with you a few items that we've decided to say goodbye to either because they are too old and its time to chuck them out or because we don't use them and they need a new home. 

To the Trash
Cruelty-Free Beauty

These are a few products that I've had for years and its time to say goodbye because I'm sure they riddled with bacteria and will break me out if I use them. The only product I actually really like is the brow gel but as you can tell it's gone really icky so time for a new one!

The Bionsen lip balm I was going to try and use up  but it seems to have separated and smells funky. The Clinique eye base I actually had reached pan on but it has dried up now.

The nail polish's have all separated, they were missed out from the initially inventory so won't be counted below. 

To Friends/Charity

These items will be offered to friends and if they don't want them then they'll go to charity. There are a few palettes that we don't use and a few new unopened items that we have doubles off because we've initially bought one each and then one of us hasn't open the product. We seem to have an extensive number of black eye liners probably enough to last us the rest of our lives so we're going to get rid of a few unopened ones. 

We originally listed Crabtree & Evelyn as Cruelty free however we have since found out from Mandy @bunnybeautiful that Crabtree & Evelyn use badger hair and cannot confirm if this is collected humanely. So we shall be researching this. If anyone has any further information please share below. Until then we shall be placing them into the ambiguous zone.

I've been trying to use up Project D products and I really don't like them, they are really poor quality and so anything that wasn't a cream is going. 

The self tan is something I actually won in a giveaway and I don't use self tan and it's been sitting wasting space so is going to a better home. Bar soap is something I don't use either, I prefer shower gel, so that's going to a new home too.

The New Numbers...

Original Skincare Total: 148 (25 Cruelty-Free Items) 

New Total: 140 (21 Cruelty-Free Items) 

Original Makeup Total: 188 (42 Cruelty-Free Items) 

New Total: 170 (41 Cruelty-Free Items) 

Step by Step we will get there! 

Sita & Radha xoxo 


  1. Hi, how are you? I did this last week and throw out old beauty products, stuff that gone way past it date. I had a massive sort out of my stuff and it felt so good. xx


  2. Great review

    New post on the blog:

  3. I just finished doing that. It's amazing how beauty and cosmetics add up. Pitch them! LOL

  4. I love your concept of going cruelty free :) I have so many nail-paints piling up for years...I think I'll do what you did!


  5. Really great review
    Followed you will you follow me back?
    Let me know...
    With love,


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