Friday 10 May 2013

the body shop shea shower cream

The Claims
This soap-free, moisture-rich shower cream contains real shea butter. It has a subtle nutty scent
  • Soap-free
  • Lather-rich
  • Subtle nutty scent
The Reality
The Shea Shower Cream has a lovely creamy texture. It feels so rich and luxurious to use. I always feel like I'm using a high end product.

The shower cream is super moisturising and does not dry my skin out at all, my skin is left feeling soft and smooth.

It is nice and gentle and does not irritate or make my skin itch. The shower gel smells great and has a light nutty smell which is not at all overpowering unlike the Sweet Lemon Shower Gel which I've reviewed before.

From my experience with The Body Shop Shower Gels, the citrus/floral scents are more foamy and lather a lot more whereas the nutty scents are more creamy and moisturising.

The Price 
The Body Shop: £4/250ml

The Ultimate Question: Would I Repurchase?

The Overall Score: 4.5/5

Have you tried The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream? What are your thoughts? 

Sita & Radha xoxo

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  1. nice product..and lovely review

  2. I gotta try it then! Amazing review!

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  3. Hi dear
    Nice cream, it smells so good

  4. I love this one :) so good!

  5. I bet this smells delicious - but I do find these kinds of scents a little over powering. Lovely review though!

  6. nice review! I love the body shop :)

  7. Nice review! I will defo buy this, actually, I was looking for a moisturising body product as I have really dry skin but wasn't sure what to buy!! :-)


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