Thursday 27 June 2013

sukin natural deodorant review

a picture of sukin natural deodorant

a picture of sukin natural deodorant

a picture of sukin natural deodorant

In this post I shall be reviewing the Sukin Natural Deodorant. I bought this product at the Bristol VegFest and have been using it for just under a month now. 

The Claims
This aluminium free and paraben free deodorant eliminates the bacteria that causes odour without using harsh ingredients. A delicate blend of tangerine, mandarin and lavender oils, combined with vanilla extract will leave you smelling and feeling fresh and clean.

The Ingredients

Aqua, Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Juice, Alcohol, Sinc Phenosulphate, Ceteareth-20, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract, Articum Lappa (Burdock) Extract, Euisetum Arvense (Horsetail) Extract, Citrue Tangerina (Tangerin) Peel Oil, Ctrus Nobolis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavendar) Oil, Vanillin, Vanilla Planifolia Extract, Linalool*, Limonene*
*Natural component of essential oils. 

The Reality
Deodorant was the one thing that I was rather apprehensive about when making the transition to cruelty-free, vegan and natural cosmetics.The Sukin Natural Deodorant has quickly dismissed my concerns.

I've never said this about a deodorant before but this deodorant smells just gorgeous. The blend blend of tangerine, mandarin, vanilla and lavender is so fresh, without being overpowering. Furthermore it keeps me odour free. On a cold day I can get away with just one application in the morning, on a warmer day I do need to reapply at least once if not twice dependent on my activities.

At first I wasn't sure how much to apply, so going with the logical more is better approach sprayed about ten sprays only to find that the liquid was rolling down my underarms. So just a heads up a few sprays is enough!

After application you do need to wait for a few minutes for the product to dry and absorb into your skin, as initially it can feel a bit sticky.

I had no issues with the Sukin natural deodorant transferring onto my clothes..No white marks!

The deodorant does not irritate my skin at all, even after shaving. As a side note this product does contain essential oils which can irritate or cause a reaction on some people, so I would avoid this product if this happens to you. Another precaution is if you are pregnant then some essential oils are best avoided so seek advice on this before using this product.

It has to be said, the price is rather on the high side. For someone that usually pay's £1.50 for a deodorant you can see how £8.12 can be considered a bit steep!

I did input all the info for this deodorant into the EWG skin deep report builder, and the product scores a 4. This is a moderate hazard rating. I'm personally okay with this as compared to my previous toxin filled deodorant this is much better.

Although just out of curiosity I would like to try out other products and see what's out there...who knows I may find something better! If not then I will definitely repurchase the Sukin Natural Deodorant.

The Packaging
I like that this deodorant comes in a spray bottle because I do prefer spray deodorants to roll ons.

The Price

Cress UK: £8.12

The Ultimate Question: Would I Repurchase?

The Overall Score: 4/5 

Have you tried the Sukin Natural Deodorant? What are your thoughts? 

Sita xoxo


  1. Great review:) I have big problems with natural deodorants, they just don't work with me :/
    I have yet to try Sukin products, unfortunately I can't get them where i live.

    1. Hey Jana - these guys ship worldwide, don't know the charges but I think they have the full Sukin range.

  2. great review :)

  3. I love natural products Nice Review Sita :)

  4. I really wanna try that product! :)

  5. That looks nice! I need to try that. Hope we have Sukin here.

    xx Daphne of

  6. That's so interesting to see a deodorant as a spray-on instead of being a stick. But gosh those scents that you listed off sound amazing. That must be one great-smelling deodorant!!

    I'm with you on the price...I usually spend a very small amount on deodorant, but I guess if it's worth it, it's worth it!

    <3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

  7. I have tried other Sukin products and loved them but not the deodorant yet. I'd love to know how long the bottle lasts, I guess a while if you're only using a few sprays!

    1. It has lasted just under 5 months for me. Hope this helps :)


  8. I also tried it and it worked very well.
    Thank you very much for your article.
    see it here

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