Saturday 6 July 2013

makeup purge!

It seems as though summer has finally arrived, and with the change of season comes a clear out. I'm definitely the type of person that likes to sort through things in drifts and drabs. I'm a bit of a hoarder and never one to throw away a huge amount of stuff.

I am trying to go through all my stuff (and am not just talking about cosmetics) and try to get rid of a few bits and pieces every time. I have way too much stuff, and it's just creating stress! 

Anyway getting back to today's post, here are a few items I'm getting rid off! 

1. Bourjois  3D Max Effect Lipgloss in Rose Gold 
I did try using this lipgloss up, but it's a bit too glittery for my liking. I have plenty of other lip products to get through and so instead of making myself use this up, I'm going to let it go.

2. Too Faced Like a Virgin Palette 
This palette was a gift from a friend for my 19th Birthday, it's rather sentimental to me as it was my first eye-shadow palette and I've been holding on to it for that reason. However it's around 7-8 years old and no doubt full of bacteria so I have to let it go. The palette was well loved and the eye-shadows were beautiful colours. Too faced are a cruelty-free brand and I would recommend their eye-shadows.

3. The Body Shop Eyes and Cheek Palette in No 1 
This palette contains quite cool toned shadows, which don't suit my warm toned skin tone so I have decided to pass it on to a friend that will give this palette some more love!

4. Umberto Giannini Instant Makeover Beauty Spray 
This hair product does absolutley nothing for my hair, aside from making it greasy sooner! I don't want to continue spraying to just for the sake of using it up so i'm going to let it go.

5. Unlabelled Sunscreen 
This sunscreen has separated so i'm throwing it away!

6. Bionsen Illuminating Tonic Lotion 
I  bought this product thinking it was a body lotion, once home I realised it was a toner and it's been sitting on my shelf unused for the past few years. I'm a bit scared to put it on my skin as the product is rather old and I don't want it to break me out.

7. Nivea Visage Pure & Natural Cleansing Toner 
My skin has been breaking out more recently. The products I have changed up in my skincare routine is adding this toner, as well as the cleanser from this skincare range. I'm using the cleanser up as shower gel, but I don't have any ways to use up toner. If you have any ideas do leave them in the comments below!

Last but not least I have an item I didn't want to get rid off, but it got away from me. I managed to lose my Crabtree and Evelyn Hand therapy in Nuntucket! I'm pretty sure it fell out of my bag when I went to Bristol, because I haven't been able to find it ever since I got back, so I'm going to cross it off my list. It;s a shame because I really liked this hand cream.

New Counts! 

Previous Skincare Total: 126

New Skincare Total:  121

Previous Makeup Total: 168

New Makeup Total: 165

Sita xoxo



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  2. Geniales productos!!

  3. Wooow i love lipgloss!!! ^_^



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  4. We love posts about products!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Perfect all the new products, good luck with them!

    Kiss, Nati


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