Monday 26 August 2013

buy nothing new for a year challenge

I'm steadily making progress on my project to downsize my cosmetics collection. It feels good to be using products up or passing them along to someone else who will use them. I love the extra space in my room that's been created. I have been able to get rid of one of those small plastic storage drawer things from my room.

I initially thought that I would struggle with the process, however the creation of space has me craving for more space and less clutter.

Another area of weakness for me is fashion...clothes, shoes, bags you name it! Recently I have been trying to declutter this area, I have been making progress and more is going out than coming in. But to put it metaphorically I want to stop the stuff coming onto the conveyor belt.

However why stop at clothes why not reject consumerism all together. Recently I have been reading material on simple living and reasons include saving money, leading a less stressful life, leading a life full of joy and satisfaction, reducing waste and preserving resources. I want to discover whether this is true for myself.

Therefore in order to kickstart a journey to simplify my life, I have decided to challenge my self to stop buying anything new for the next year.

However there are a few exceptions to the rules. The following items I will allow myself to buy when needed:

1) Food
2) Underwear
3) Replacement cosmetics - The rules to downsize my cosmetic collection will remain exactly the same
4) Petrol ( I have a 20 mile commute to work so unfortunately can't go without petrol!)
5) Holidays/Experiences

It may seem odd starting at this point in the year rather than at the beginning, however now that I have made the decision I want to start right away. I will continue to document my journey and keep my self accountable.

What are your thoughts on this challenge? Would you consider embarking on something similar? Are you already doing something similar?

Thanks for reading!

Sita xx


  1. I'm sorry but i think you're crazy haha xxx

  2. Yep I do it everytime Im broke. Hahaa joke.
    If I want something(which i always do) and didnt buy it yet..I cant sleep and if im lucky to get some sleep I'd dream abt it and the process goes on till i buy it <3
    All the best though. But that person can never be me. Infact my family,friends will faint if I say something like that! Hehee

    1. I am a shopoholic and people find it surprising that i'm starting this challenge but I also like new experiences and discovering new things so I think other tough ultimately I will learn a lot from this challenge.

  3. Hey! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check the link for more information :) xx

  4. Hi Sita.

    I may not be able to be as resilient as you, but I can fully support you in this endeavour. It takes a lot of courage to take the road less travelled in the blogging world, where we're surrounded by temptations that push us to purchase things we seldom need/require. I bow to you in respect, as I'm sure you have taken an informed, calculated decision towards simplifying your life. Self-control is an often undermined necessity. And must commend you on wanting to start right away. There's no better time that Right Now.
    I wish you nothing but success and peace.
    Looking forward to your posts.

    Love and Hugs (from India),

    1. Thank you for your kind words and support xx

  5. HI :)

    I remember following your blog few months back and it has been about clothes and cosmetics. After that I followed many blogs for that inspiration you know, latest fashion, latest makeup products and so on. I got addicted to online shopping like crazy. My wallet was getting lighter.

    Then I actually came upon another women's blog (can't remember :-() who got into a challenge of not buying any new apparel for a year. It was a super challenge and she lived through it. She quoted that.. there is endless fashion, sale, online coupons, an offer but do you really really need it!!

    I'm dearly thinking of minimising my shopping list as well. I'm not a huge makeup fan so m good with basic makeup things (without animal cruelty) and clothes... I have minimised it to hell as well... cheers :) Accessories?? I'm DIYing :)

    Good luck with your challenge and sorry for this huge comment :P

    Tanuja :)

    1. Hi Tanuja, I think that is one of the problems with blogging, you get very tempted to buy what other people are buying and before you know it, you have a big collection of stuff you don't need. I hope I can get through the next year and I hope it will help me to minimise the number of items I own and improve my consuming habits so that I only buy things I need! xx

  6. this is brilliant! no one need to by new clothes every week/ month etc.. Sometimes it is good to take a look at what you have and appreciate all the clothes etc that you own and can wear in new ways :) I am with you on this1 good luck ;)


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