Monday 14 October 2013

buy nothing new for a year challenge: 50 days in.

Hi guys!

I'm excited to share with that it has been fifty, yes fifty whole days since I started my buy nothing new for a year challenge!

Rather than go shopping with friends I have been going out to eat for lunch or dinner, or going for a coffee and having a catch up.

More recently I did spend a day shopping with my friend, she was shopping for her wedding and it was nice helping her out without feeling like I had to buy something myself.

I've decided to start making a wish list of items I have wanted to buy and at the end of the year challenge if I feel I still need them I can then go and purchase them, but for now I still staying strong.

Sita xoxo


  1. Oh wow!! Great job on the no-shopping!! I need to do that.. I keep telling myself too.. -_-

    xo – Sheila
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  2. Great idea :D

  3. Best of lot of money on your shopping ban! I've had such issues with those because I always seem to find the most interesting aspects when I can't buy them!


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