Thursday 8 March 2012

my bucket list

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. I guess my list of things is more a "things I want to do before I'm thirty", but in a way it is part of my bucket list and it's a start and a list I shall be continuously adding to. 

On a side note, there is a film of the same name, with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freedom, personally I really liked it and think it's worth a watch if you haven't already seen it. You may even get ideas to add to your own list! 

My Top Ten:

1) Travel around south east asia
I love experiencing different environments and other cultures, last year I spent eight weeks travelling around New Zealand and a further 2 weeks in singapore and kuala lumpur and since then I've got the travel bug and want a sabbatical from work and just go exploring! 

2) Skydive
I like to think of myself as an adventurous person and whilst I was out in NZ I did quite a lot of activities including bungee jumping, canyon swing jump, white water rafting, kayaking etc. but one of the things regret is not doing a skidive! 

3) Scuba dive
I've always wanted to get my PADI certification. 

4) Visit Paris 
I live in England and have never been!! ideally it would be nice to have a romantic getaway!

5) Spend new years eve in New York
I have always wanted to go to new york and every time I see the new years celebrations I always think it be amazing to be counting down to the new year on times square. 

6) Get Married
I guess the first step for this one will be finding someone to marry.

7) Learn to ski
If not learn how to, at least attempt to, even if it involves a significant amount of time spent falling over and making a fool of myself! 

8) Buy a car 
Currently I live like 5 minutes from my work so I can get away with not owning a car, but from august my work shall be a half an hour drive away so I really need to start saving! 

9) Watch a musical
This is even worse than not having been to paris, because even thou it's only an hour on the train to london, I have never watched a musical in the west end! i know, it's appalling!  

10) Go on a hot air balloon ride 
I have a romantic notion of drifting peacefully through the english countryside on a summer's day (which is rare I know). 

I would love to read other people's ideas and things they would like to before reaching a certain age, so please feel free to share :) 

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