Thursday 6 September 2012

our day at the paralympics

Hiya everyone! As promised here are some highlights from our day at the paralympics. We  started the day watching wheelchair basketball. We were lucky enough to get seats right near the front and a had great view of the whole game. It was such great fun to watch, and seriously we could not believe how fast the game moves from one end to the other. We watched three games, one of them being men's Canada Vs Germany and that was one fierce game! Canada were completely on form scoring basket after basket, Germany we have to say were very aggressive competitors. There were a lot of German and Canadian fans in the audience and the atmosphere in the stadium was fantastic. 

We also watched two games of tennis, men's doubles, team GB versus Cananda, and Team GB took the game in two straight sets in only an hour! We then moved to centre court to watch USA against Brazil, USA were leading and we thought the game was there, but Brazil came from behind and pulled it out of the bag to win the tie break!

All in all definitely a great day! We hope you enjoyed our pictures :) 


Sita and Radha xoxo 


  1. You are lucky, I want to be there :) It has to be a great event :) Great photos!

  2. What a great experience! Hope you had a blast.

  3. WOW, thanks for sharing all these pictures! I haven't had the chance to watch a lot of the games but I always love to watch the game recaps and read about the inspiring stories behind the athletes! I'm glad you had the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful experience. Hope you also had a lot of fun!


  4. Looks like so much fun :) I wish I someday have the chance to go to any olympics/paralympics event! It sounds like such an unique experience!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. cool!

    - A.

  6. A great event to remember!


  7. It is unfortunate that the media does not talk much about paralympics.

  8. Seems you had a lot of fun and lucky to be there! Lovely post.

    Thankyou for the birthday wishes on my blog and thankyou for liking the owl dress.

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Tanuja <3


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